Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Creators of GLAM!

My partner Paradise Monroe has recently released a line from her Fall collection of jewelry and she just happened to have picked SPHINX! Inspired by the globally respected Egyptian culture it displays the bold and dominate metallic's and the bright and loud tropical shades. The pairings really work well with the hints of earth tone colors. The combinations will make anyone stare, whether its expressed through articles of clothing, makeup, or hair you will surely gain recognition by tapping into this culture.
Paradise Monroe and I preparing for our Fall shoot!

Egyptians are said to have been the first group to use and perfect cosmetics! They used many different concoctions as beauty aids. They used crocodile excrement in mud baths believing that it would firm and tone the skin. Milk and honey was also used, it was believed to make the skin silky smooth. Facial masques, made from ant eggs and face paints, were sometimes used to unclog pores and even out the overall skin tone. Mixtures of chalk and oil were used as a cleansing cream to remove their traditionally heavy makeup.

They were also believed to have been the first group to wear and use extensions/wigs! Both men and women used wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces, as thick long hair was highly valued. Some wigs were made of human hair, while others were a combination of human hair, horsehair, palm leaves, straw, sheep’s wool and/or vegetable fibers.
Extensions have been around along time folks!

wore make up that many would consider elaborate or too much, but they wore the make up with purpose. The Egyptians are well known for their opulent eye makeup, which was applied from the eyebrow to the base of the nose. What many do not know, however, is that the eye makeup also served a practical purpose; the ingredients of the makeup had antibacterial qualities and helped to deter flies. Additionally, the colors were applied to serve as a protection against the hot sun.

The most popular makeup colors at the time were green, black, and indigo blue. Blacks were made from kohl, which is composed principally of a sulfide of lead called galena, and was sometimes deepened further in color by using soot. Greens were made from what is now known as the gemstone malachite, an oxide of copper, while blues were made from the gemstone called lapis lazuli. Everything was ground and then mixed with a gum or water to make a paste that was easy to apply with tools made out of wood, bronze, obsidian, or glass.

Eye makeup, however, wasn’t all the Egyptians used. Many women lightened the color of their skin or covered flaws with face powders made from chalk or white lead. They also rouged their cheeks and lips with red ochres and iron oxides. Many tinted their nails with sheep fat and blood or henna.
Henna is very popular amongst the middle east and used for various reasons. The Egyptians used it as a form of riches and beauty.

Many people tap into different present and past cultures to create their own sense of style today! As we all know who Cleopatra was and how she wore her hair... well there are a few celebs who have adopted her look and made it current!
She was known for the black hair with the blunt bang and hard lines perpendicular to the bang framing her face!

Here is the lovely Nicki Minaj sporting her "Cleopatra" look! Now we all know Nicki screams when it comes to self expression so she made the style her own. She added length and a little texture to the fringe (bang) and she deposited color to the ends with a stacking method.

I like this look! She kept the traditional black but opted for an unbalance of the fringe area. Daring yet different. I am a FAN!

They tend to use heavy black eyeliner in a v shape giving off a feline shape and the black creates depth and mystery to the Orbital area.

Beauty101 displayed this look claiming that the Egyptians created this shape to protect them from the evil spirits and called on their psychic powers.

Belly Dancing Diva created this look using the earth tones and a hint of metallic silver! I love this look it is so precise.


Here a few of my favorites that give me an Egyptian feel. When I am exploring different looks in time I like to place myself there mentally. It makes for such a fulfilling read.

There is more to beauty than what we know now. Take the time to research groups and cultures and get in touch with the revolving door beauty and fashion face. You may find a group and start a reoccurring trend of your own!