Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hypnotize and Smyze!

I love make up and everything it entails! I love the creativity and imagination that can appreciated from one person to another. Make up is made to enhance beauty. A beauty that every woman posses.

My favorite part of the face are the Eyes!... The eyes can speak volumes with out using words. Eye make up can be worn so many ways and to express many different looks....
Here they show cased creativity with implementing a leopard print! I love this look not to wear on a daily basis though!
The art here is to die for! I love the feather lash extensions for the dramatic/fantasy touch!

You can go the subtle route to extremely dramatic, depending on the occasion and your desire.

There are many different techniques that can be explored, inspirations can come from regions, eras, seasons, colors, ect.

I am going to showcase a variety of looks that range from subtle and clean to fantasy!

Be on the look out for my upcoming make up line JasmineNikol (jNk) where you will be able to find and purchase an endless variety of colors and shades!
Below are a few looks I created!

Here on the lovely Tova Palomino I created a look I refer to as "The Sunset" she is such a pleasure to work with and wears make up sooooo well!

Another look I created with the same model has a more colorful feel... I refer to is as "Cotton Candy"

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Shajuana Janae: Our Featured Designer

Technology is constantly evolving and phones (smart phones) have become the must have and most used item! From Iphones,Evos,Blackberry's, My touch, Androids, you name it someone has one! Fashion evolves or better yet recycles just as fast.

A hot trend right now are customized cases! They showcase individuality and creativity.

This week we are showcasing Shajuana Janae of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She is a talented young lady with a special eye. She will transform your phone to display your personal style. Her pieces are designed with you in mind. They are sure to turn heads wherever you are and tell a story through art.

She offers her services for an asstonishing price!!! For $40 dollars you can have the case of your dreams! You can place your order with you desired look by contacting

She also customizes Ipad cases!

Below she added Feathers to the case! This is a hot touch due to the popular feather trend right now! This happens to be my fav!!

These cases are a must have because if you are like me... your phone is ALWAYS scene so you might as well let it represent you to the T!

Dedicated to keeping women in touch with the wonderful world of beauty from all Points of View!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is it REAL?....I BOUGHT it!

In hair I believe this is amongst the most controversial and misunderstood topic...WEAVES! Right now the movement is All things NATURAL... UNDERSTAND just because you wear weave does NOT mean you are not natural... Natural means without chemical change, whether it is color or an alter of natural texture.

Weave is NOT something only ethnic races use! Weaves have been and are being worn by EVERYONE!

whether it is used to make you hair appear longer, shorter, fuller, thinner, change of color, change of texture, whatever you preference or reasoning. I am natural and I love to get full weaves since I went through with my BIG CHOP to help me through my transition. I call them protective styles.

I view hair as an accessory. If your hair is done you can make a simple outfit work, if your hair is NOT done a HOT outfit can and will look basic.

This is Velvet Remy 12in 16in 18in color 33...That sewed in and completed It with a Roller set....

The world of weave is very interesting and competitive. Not only is it hard to find the brand and type you like it’s hard to find someone to install it properly or to help you decide which installation technique suite you. Maintainece is a major issue as well.

Sensual 10in, 14in 16in 1b....I sewed ...layerd....hand curled it!!

There are different brands and types of hair to choose from today depending on your budget and preference. I deal with a range of clients who explore many different types of hair.

• Sensual, Premium Now, Zury, Enchantress, Beauty Elements, Black Star and a few others are popular for looks that you do not want to last! With these brands you can get a variety of curl patterns and lengths because it has all been processed to meet demand. Some of these are promoted as human hair and some are premium blend with is a mixture between human and synthetic hair. Be sure to read the labels and ask questions when purchasing hair because premium blend can take heat but not at high temperatures and will melt onto your heating devices. All of these choices are very pocket friendly so they are very common and if done correctly they can and will achieve your desired look.

• Then you get into Remi hair which is very popular right now for longer lasting styles. Goddess, Bobbi Boss, Velvet, Saga, Outre and a few others are among popular brands. When you get into Remi brands lengths come longer and colors are more limited. Natural tones are popular; you will NOT find bright red in Goddess! Some of these brands will not carry an 8 in. They start to get pricey as well. The integrity is higher with these brands because the hair doesn’t tangle as much and retains its luster longer. Shedding STILL occurs so do not believe the hype. 2 to 3 packs are generally purchased to reach the desired look.

• Virgin Remi Hair is next on the list and happens to be my favorite. Yes it is expensive but when I reason with myself it is so worth it because it can be used for multiple installs which saves me a trip to the store when I decide to do my hair over. There are many brands and some are private labels. I am familiar with Lugos, Indian remy, Brazillian remy, and INDIQUE. I have used Indique and I fell in LOVE! It is double wefted therefore minimizing any if not all shedding which contributes to its ability to be used for multiple installs. The company gives you an additional 2 inches for whatever inch you buy. Some of these brands come with warranty! The color choices are limited because it is promoted to be virgin which means never processed. I love virgin hair because the curl patters are limitless. Indique offers straight, relaxed straight, wavy, curly, organic curl, afro kinky, and a few others therefore when you want to either match your texture or sport a completely different look you can.
I am a fan of weave whether I am natural or relaxed, long or short, I LOVE to change my look.

There are many different techniques you can use when installing any type of weave. You can bond in, sew in, infuse, brazillian knot, sew in on a net, bond on a cap, add on as a ponytail, or use as clip ins. Whichever your preference there is a method for you! Depending on the maintence you want to be responsible for will also help you decide what technique you will use.

This is Indique Organic Curl, Appox. 8oz

This is the Infusion technique, in my opinion its the most versatile and manangable extention installment. She went from neck length to back length in 2 '1/2 hours! Doesn't get much better than that!!! ; )

Hair is fun and women and MEN need to adjust to the fact that we are going to wear it. Get the thought of FAKE out of your minds and understand just like you change your shoes and clothes you can change your hair. It does NOT always mean that you’re a bald underneath some people get weave in the summer to go shorter than what their hair actually is.

Dedicated to keeping women in touch with the wonderful world of beauty from all Points of View!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Forgotten TOUCH

We often spend so much time piecing a look together. Starting with the clothing, the hair, the shoes, the make up, even the purse. There is a key element that often goes unnoticed in my eyes, but plays an essential part in completing a look! The NAILS!
Nails are fun and if you allow them they can be detrimental to your look. Chipped, extra long(ghetto), too busy, too bland. Nails with ansimple polish with a color of your choice can showcase your individuality and creativity. You may feel as though nails are trivial so attention doesn't have to be given to them.

The beauty industry constantly changes and comes up with new and unique trends. I prefer a simple manicure with a funky design or a solid statement color depending my mood opposed to nail enhancements/extensions. Manicures are inexpensive and easy maintain. Many complain about the chipping of their polish with manicures. There is now a way to prevent that by a technique called chalak which is a manicure curred in gel.
There are many funky techniques out right now; crackle nails, swirl nails, metallic(minx)nails, geo mani, the funky French nail, the 3G nail, you can always let your imagination run wild and once your in the right hands I am sure your ideas can mesh well with your manicurists an you two can achieve a look that represents you!

My Cracked Nails

Tye Dye Swirl





Paradise Monroe's Watermelon

Smily Faces

Tondra's Glitter with a Gel Layover

Natasha's Hounds Tooth

Dedicated to keeping women in touch with the wonderful world of beauty from all POINTS of VIEW!