Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year, A New You!!!

2012 is here!!!! I promise to do better this year with keeping my blog updated!!!! A lot has happened with me! I am now living in ATLANTA!!! I work at a beautiful salon, doing what I love! My make up line is doing well!!!! www.jasminenikol.com and I even picked up a few styling gigs! Life is great!!!!

In 2012 I want to take a different approach on style and embrace/transform certain trends!!! 


I am LOVING this look right now! It is trendy and fun!... It can be worn so many ways and showcase personal style!!!

I love also LOVE LOVE LOVE Printed Leggings! Especially for the winter!!! You can pair an obnoxious set of leggings with a solid tunic or over sized sweater... even a dress... make it what you want! Here are a few of my faves!!!

I know that this has been done for a while.. I just want to emphasize how cool and unique this is! The POINTED NAIL IS HAWT! I am currently wearing this style and have been for a while now! Here are a few looks I have found... Very Chic!

I am so feeling the NUDE LIP for the NEW YEAR!!! You can purchase a matte Nude called Naked Truth from very own Smooch Collection www.jasminenikol.com or my Birthday Suit lip glass also available at www.jasminenikol.com!!!

Me Wearing Jasminenikol Naked Truth!!




If you know me then you know I LOVE STATEMENT NECKLACES almost as much as I Love Blazers! They are the perfect accent to a plain look! They can make an outfit!!!! Check out these pieces!!!

These are my faves to start out the NEW YEAR! Enjoy dolls, and make this year count!!!