Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mane Decor!!!

I wanted to do a quick Fashion Alert!!!! Hot right now are these head pieces that gives your look UMPH!!!!!

You can choose from a wide variety!!! Here are a few celebs sporting the look!!!

These trendy pieces are fun and can compliment any outfit and or style!!!! Have fun ladies!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Look #3

Valentine Look!!!

Hot Valentine Date Attire

Black Love!!!!

I thought it would be appropriate to blog on something true and dear.... As we all know February is Black History month... and it is the month of LOVE.... So what is more fitting?!?.....

I am going to do it a little different this time... I am going to put up some of my favorite couples whether they are still together or not!!!...

T.I. and Tiny!!!
 I love this couple!!! I am sure you are all familiar with them by now! You can check out their reality show The Family Hustle on VH1! I love them for their huge integrated family and all of their imperfections... His evident love for her is admirable!

Martin and Gina
 happened to be one of my favorite couples EVER! Whether it was real or not... they displayed how fun a relationship could be once a foundation of friendship is established!..

Yvette and Jody
 displayed that Hood Love that we all sat and watched in awe!... Their dysfunctional/abusive relationship still holds priority on my list! 

Savannah and Lebron 
are adorable! They are recently engaged after being together since highschool! They have two small boys together and currently reside in Miami where Lebron became apart of the BIG 3!... I cant wait to see the wedding I am sure she will make a beautiful bride!

Shaq and Shaunie.... 
I loved them together! It is over now but they balanced each other so well and looked adorable together...

Janet and Jermaine
As ugly as this couple may be their love was real... 

Nelly and Ashanti!
 Although Ashanti fell off the map since they paired I am happy she found the love she sang about!

Khloe and Lamarr
Although I questioned their love at first I must say I respect it now!

Chili and Usher!
I loved them together... she started the "cougar" craze!

Gabrielle and D.Wade!
They are a beautiful couple! 

Will and Jada!!!
Need I say more?!?!

Monica and Shannon!!
She looks so happy!!!

Whitney and Bobby!
Anyone you would let influence your drug habit and devastate your career must hold our heart!

Keyshia and Daniel!
They are such a beautiful couple and I am soooooo happy shoe found LOVE!

J.Lo and Diddy!
Through her many men and his many women I thought they fit the best!

Rev.Run and Justine! I am sure you all seen Runs House! They are tooooo cute!!

Beyonce and Jay-Z!
One of my favorite couples! A powerhouse!!! Perfection!! They just welcomed a baby girl as well!!! Blue Ivy!

And the WINNER IS.......
Our President and First Lady!!!
They are the epitome of a STRONG Black LOVE!..

Love comes is all forms and are only to be interpreted by those involved... When you love someone nothing else should matter... you will go through ups and downs but its the love that will prevail!!!...

I would <3 your feed back!!! Who are your favorite Black Couples?....