Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am FIRE HOT!!!

Ok ladies an gents I have officially given up the Ombré for the summer and switched it up a bit! I am now a RED head!!!... I am loving it!!!

I am actually sorting the same hair I have had for about 6 months! It is "Virgin" Brazilian hair which allows me to color because it has NEVER been processed!!!....

I am still natural and have been since my "BIG CHOP" back in July! That put me at 9 months Nappy!!!! Yayyyy!!! Below you can see a picture before and after install!!! My hair has changed for the better since my "CHOP" it's is now THICK as ever whereas prior to my "CHOP" it was fine and brittle due to over processing and lack of care...

The "Virgin Brazilian Hair" has really made its mark with me! I will NEVER wear anything else!!!! I currently have in a 28", 26", 22", and a 18"!!! The longer the hai the more bundles needed for a full install!

I lifted the hai previously with bleach and developer. I did this a few times while playing with the Ombré technique always trying to keep it current. Then I decided to do a full color change. I lifted ALL of the hair from a level 2-3 to a level 7-8... This must be done poor to applying a color lighter than the natural state... A color will NOT lift a color!

Once the hair was lifted I shampooed ONCE without conditioning because I knew I wanted to apply my color... Because I just lifted the hair using a 30 volume developer I am aware the "cuticle" meaning outermost layer of the hair is now open which will allow for my color deposit to penetrate easier. Knowing this will happen once I lift the hair it plays a major role in choosing my product to color with. It is Virgin Hair and CAN be over processed so with this in mind I chose a semi permanent color by a company called Adore! I love there color selections! This color does NOT require developer which I like because it is NOT as haram to the hair and gives you more time to apply completely making sure its NOT patchy. I chose Orange Red and I mixed it with Copper Brown because I knew I wanted a darker dimension! Play with the color selections ladies this customizes your look. It's just like paint you can chose a color and mix it with a color to contrast that can either brighter the color or tone it down!

I deposited the color all over the hair and let it sit for about 45 mins periodically running the color through to ensure an even distribution!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my results! Color is fun ladies and with this Virgin Hair it's allows us to play with color without having I color OUR own hair!!! Take advantage!!!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JasmineNikols Spring Looks!!!

JasmineNikols Spring Looks!!!

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