Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Forgotten TOUCH

We often spend so much time piecing a look together. Starting with the clothing, the hair, the shoes, the make up, even the purse. There is a key element that often goes unnoticed in my eyes, but plays an essential part in completing a look! The NAILS!
Nails are fun and if you allow them they can be detrimental to your look. Chipped, extra long(ghetto), too busy, too bland. Nails with ansimple polish with a color of your choice can showcase your individuality and creativity. You may feel as though nails are trivial so attention doesn't have to be given to them.

The beauty industry constantly changes and comes up with new and unique trends. I prefer a simple manicure with a funky design or a solid statement color depending my mood opposed to nail enhancements/extensions. Manicures are inexpensive and easy maintain. Many complain about the chipping of their polish with manicures. There is now a way to prevent that by a technique called chalak which is a manicure curred in gel.
There are many funky techniques out right now; crackle nails, swirl nails, metallic(minx)nails, geo mani, the funky French nail, the 3G nail, you can always let your imagination run wild and once your in the right hands I am sure your ideas can mesh well with your manicurists an you two can achieve a look that represents you!

My Cracked Nails

Tye Dye Swirl





Paradise Monroe's Watermelon

Smily Faces

Tondra's Glitter with a Gel Layover

Natasha's Hounds Tooth

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