Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bang, Bang, BANG!!!

Bangs have been around forever and never seems to go out of style because they are transitional and can be  done in many ways. The bang which is also called the fringe area is the hair that fully or partially covers the forehead area of the face.

Side swept bang
There are many different ways you can wear a bang. You can have a blunt bang, side swept bang, parted, chopped, assymetrical, and or disconnected bangs! These bangs can be worn with numerous different styles depending your taste. 

Blunt bang

Assymetrical bang

You can add dimension to your bang by adding highlights!

Textured bang. This can add rhythm to your desired look! One of my favorite techniques right now!
Here is my Mother sporting a disconnected bang i did! 

You MUST take into consideration your face shape when deciding the bang for you and or if you even NEED a bang. A bang can hide flaws, or enhance you strengths, and or enhance your youth (bangs are said to make one appear younger)! Many women use bangs to camouflage the dreaded "BIG forehead", even though I love big foreheads!

The face shapes to keep in mind are: 
  • The Oval face shape- This is said to be the ideal face shape because it can carry any style and wear any bang!.
  • The round face shape- You want to give the appearance of length with this face shape so the i deal bang would be a feathered, layered, or side swept bang.
  • Oblong face shape- You want to shorten the appearance of your face so I would recommend a blunt bang.
  • Square face shape- You want to soften your temple areas and chin areas to give the illusion of an oval shape. I would recommend a middle to side part which would create two sides and I would side sweep bangs.
Challenge yourself and play in the mirror and fix your hair in different directions around your fringe and you just may find a new style you like. Dare to be different!

EVERY bang is NOT for everyone!

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