Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pixies Defined

A pixie cut is a woman's hairstyle generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top.
 Women began exploring shorter hairstyles in the 1920s and was widely popular by rebelling women known as FLAPPERS. 

In relation to Fashion, Hair evolves and recycles as well. This makes sense because hair and fashion plays hand in hand. Over time the “pixie cut” has escaped the stigma of only being viewed as a short cut. It is now considered a technique that can be applied to various “classic” hairstyles to give an edge. 

It has been heavily adopted with the bob, giving the classic sheik look more dimension and texture. 
A pixie cut is achieved with simple notching and or point cutting to your desired style. A positive about this technique is that whether you decide to curl it or not it will look good, if you do decide to curl it the style will look feathered/layered! This allows you to dress the style up or down which contributes to its transitional factor. The razor cutting technique could be used as well especially for the sharp and clean look, when using this technique you have to be careful because it is not ideal for every hair type. It can cause splitting of your ends and undesired frizz. To play it safe you can achieve the same look with notching and point cutting to the over directed portion of hair to form your style.

For more personality and edge color can play a factor with these cuts as well. Whether you color the entire style a rich, chocolate brown to a Radiant red, to a Shimmering Platinum blonde the cut can pull it off. Highlights can be infused to draw emphasis to your liking. 

This can be done with foils(chunk or zigzag method) or for a more subtle look you can bailage which refers to a free hand glazing.

One of my favorite perks to this cutting method would have to be the low maintenance is requires! If the cut is executed you can go to sleep and wake up with the look you desire! That may push the issue but honestly the maintenance is minimal. A proper pixie cut will allow you to have versatility styling wise.

 You can pull the hair off of your face, you can comb it forward toward the middle or either side, spike it up, part it in the middle, or mold it down!. I am a firm believer in versatility in a style especially a cut! I don’t like to feel limited or one dimensional. 

The type of products I would recommend to maintain and achieve your desired look would be a combination or a selection of the following:
  • A light molding wax (if you decide you want go for the spiked/tattered look)
  • A medium hold hairspray (if you want the textured look)
  • A spray gel (if you want the style to set with your desired mold)
  • An anti-frizz (If you achieved your look with a razor and your ends tend to frizz)
  • A heat protectant (if you have the bob pixie and use a flat iron to perfect your desired look)
  • A color block shampoo/conditioner (if you have chosen to color treat your look)
This cut is ideal for summer to fall transition because it works well with the heat depending on what region you are in. Long/heavy hair rarely makes the top of everyone’s list during this season. The pixie cut styles transition well because they are versatile.

They have been worn throughout Hollywood for a long time now. We must take into consideration that this was done with reason. Stars such a Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, Twiggy, Natalie Portman, Malinda Williams, Rhianna, Nia Long, Katie Holmes, Reba McIntire, Pink, and Mary J. Blige just to name a few. This look is hot and can compliment almost any face shape.

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