Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Secret Weapon!

This woman is beautiful and screams all things fashion by infusing trends and styles from all over to create one unique look for all. Paradise is the PreviousFashion Editor for, the Fashion Coordinator/Assistant for FACES modeling troupe from 08 - 09 and a  Blogger for numerous other sites a well as her personal blog. We are excited about this merge and I am confident you all will appreciate her. I conducted a short interview with her for you all to get slightly acquainted with her, if you haven't already. Enjoy!

1.  Who is Paradise Monroe? Paradise is an Adventurous,Fun,Life loving, God fearing ....Fashionable .....Florida girl! Who's Passionate about anything she puts her Heart into and the people she loves the most.

2.  When and how did you get involved in fashion? Fashion in a way, is Hereditary for me?! My mom was and still is very fashionable! She played a major part in my love for fashion because she was always dressed so..." Young, Fly and Flashy" so to speak, When i was growing up! Always put so well together and Pretty all the time. She had closets full... worth of clothes and shoes for me to go play dress up with, Gave me an outlet to explore my personal style! Now has I get older ...I fall in love with fashion more and more everyday! So we've been involved for quite awhile now...its been a on going love affair for a long time! ; )

3.  What is fashion to you? Self Expression                   

4.  Who is your fashion icon?
Betsey Johnson

5. Who is your favorite shoe designer?
Jeffrey Campbell

6.  Who is your favorite clothing designer?

7.  Who is your favorite jewelry designer?
Betsey Johnson

8.  Do you follow any other blogs? If so who is your favorite? Yesss, I follow a lot of other blogs. I try to follow somebody new on my tumblr all the time. So this makes it hard for me to just pick one?! But... "Dressed to Kill" by Kevin Hadden is my Favorite! Not just because he's from my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Its that he displays so many different styles and fashion trends on a weekly to monthly basis , for Men and Women! From a Gentleman to Street Wear he covers it all. He's also a stylist so he's basically giving you a free tutorial constantly. When you have a love for something it shows?! It also shows hows he's evolving , and the dedication to his craft! 

 9.     What is your favorite fashion magazine and why? Elle...Its Classic.

10. What country are you most inspired from fashion wise? Europe! When you make it Paris no matter what branch of fashion your interested in You've made it to the big leagues!? Its a place that's known for its beautiful people and scenery. Its filled and the home of so many of the most well known designers... models and stylist around the world! Not to mention, All the Fashion Week locations, Its easy to be inspired in so many different ways....

11. What are your interests and what do you do in your spare time? I Thrift! I love finding vintage pieces and putting my new day twist to it. I like to find things that are one of a kind & special... almost like going on a treasure hunt! 

12.   What is your career goals and how do you plan to achieve them? I want to be an entrepreneur no matter what!! I have to be my own boss Mandatory! The only way to success is to commit and believe in yourself. I watched a motivational speaker on YouTube named Eric Smith recently and he hit home! He said "People that are successful always say they don't sleep" reason why is because you cant get anything done sleeping?! You have to grind to get where you want to be. Grinding is something I've done and will always do. Its the my Key to Success....

13. What look have you created that you are most proud of?
My 21st Birthday "Sex in the City" Inspired look! That year Sex in the City the Movie had just came out and I obsessed over Carrie Bradshaw's sense of style! So I decided since i was officially becoming a lady, I would dress the part in something classy but fun and chic! When I look back at it now I would change somethings but I'll always love that ensemble its me saying "I'm a Big Girl Now"

14.   What is your dream job and why? To be a Stylist! Dressing people up and helping them express there personal style is something I enjoy the most! One of my favorite quotes are "Dare to be different" . Your mood isn't always the same so how can you dress yourself the same everyday?! You should be different by the day and have fun with it! When you look Good, you feel good and that's what's important! So why not contribute to that with my style and Grace....

15.   Who would be your ideal client and why?

Rihanna! She's limitless when it come to fashion!? Working with her would be more like an adventure than actually being at work?! I can just  imagine the looks we could come up with if we put our heads together! 

16.   Tell us something many people don’t know about you? Im a loner! At the end of the day I enjoy solitude . Time to myself to just reevaluate my day .... make new turn on music... unwind.. relax ... and write.

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