Monday, August 22, 2011

Shajuana Janae: Our Featured Designer

Technology is constantly evolving and phones (smart phones) have become the must have and most used item! From Iphones,Evos,Blackberry's, My touch, Androids, you name it someone has one! Fashion evolves or better yet recycles just as fast.

A hot trend right now are customized cases! They showcase individuality and creativity.

This week we are showcasing Shajuana Janae of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! She is a talented young lady with a special eye. She will transform your phone to display your personal style. Her pieces are designed with you in mind. They are sure to turn heads wherever you are and tell a story through art.

She offers her services for an asstonishing price!!! For $40 dollars you can have the case of your dreams! You can place your order with you desired look by contacting

She also customizes Ipad cases!

Below she added Feathers to the case! This is a hot touch due to the popular feather trend right now! This happens to be my fav!!

These cases are a must have because if you are like me... your phone is ALWAYS scene so you might as well let it represent you to the T!

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