Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hypnotize and Smyze!

I love make up and everything it entails! I love the creativity and imagination that can appreciated from one person to another. Make up is made to enhance beauty. A beauty that every woman posses.

My favorite part of the face are the Eyes!... The eyes can speak volumes with out using words. Eye make up can be worn so many ways and to express many different looks....
Here they show cased creativity with implementing a leopard print! I love this look not to wear on a daily basis though!
The art here is to die for! I love the feather lash extensions for the dramatic/fantasy touch!

You can go the subtle route to extremely dramatic, depending on the occasion and your desire.

There are many different techniques that can be explored, inspirations can come from regions, eras, seasons, colors, ect.

I am going to showcase a variety of looks that range from subtle and clean to fantasy!

Be on the look out for my upcoming make up line JasmineNikol (jNk) where you will be able to find and purchase an endless variety of colors and shades!
Below are a few looks I created!

Here on the lovely Tova Palomino I created a look I refer to as "The Sunset" she is such a pleasure to work with and wears make up sooooo well!

Another look I created with the same model has a more colorful feel... I refer to is as "Cotton Candy"

Dedicated to keeping women in touch with the wonderful world of beauty from all Points of View!