Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Ultimate CATCH!

There are so many different styles you can do with hair! I constantly hear women complain about not knowing what to do with their hair. I view it as my duty to help you all explore the wonderful world of hair and educate you on all of its facets!

One of the most versatile techniques happens to be a braid known as the FISHTAIL!. I love this braiding technique because it can apply to different styles, genres, occasions,ect.

This is a very nice style that could easily be used for a wedding.

This was a hard technique for me to grasp while in school. I am used to perfecting things in this field so I viewed it as a challenge. Once I caught on I Mastered it! I love to showcase my artistic eye through this technique because it allows you to do so!

For a step to step know how and video tutorial check this out They give a detailed review on how to.

I LOVE what Aubrey is sporting here! Flowing golden locks accented with a free range fishtail braid for emphasis!

Yes ladies this look can be done with extensions! We have to stop stereotyping styles to certain hair types. It has the same effect when done on any texture or added length.

Fishtail braiding is a technique not a set style because it can be incorporated into various styles. Commonly seen in wedding style updo's, messy ponytails, casual looks, sleek ponytails, ect. The art of the braid is what makes it special and stand out from others. To successfully achieve a fishtail braid it takes technique and precision. The tighter you pull the strands the neater and smaller it will be.

Kim K looks hot with her sleek pig tails finished off in a neat, tight,and long fishtail braid!

Some like the Fishtail braid to be worn in a more casual and messy manner. To achieve this you will use bigger strands and less tension. I love this look personally because regardless the occasion it looks as though you put in effort!

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