Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Light As a Feather

There are a lot of trends going on right now pertaining to hair because women are starting to care about their appearance again. One of the trends that have been going for a while are the Feather Extensions! I am still a fan because it can be subtle or bold depending on your preference.

You can express your self through the patterns and colors you decide to use. You can either go to a salon and have the procedure done, or you can do it at home! I love that aspect because sometimes when trying something new you want to experiment and when in a professional/crowded setting it can take away from the fun aspect.

This is something you and a friend can do and save a lot of money in the process. Salons tend to take advantage of trends and profit from them! A common salon today can run you anywhere from $45-100 for application of a few feathers!... Some even charge PER feather!

To do this at home all you will need is the following:

Hair extension micro links- preferably silicone for a longer hold. Chose a color close to your hair color for blending purposes. This anchors the feather onto your hair without causing any damage and allows you to treat the feather as an extension. You can wash you hair, comb it, brush it, curl it, and it will even grow out with your hair due to this link. so it is essential to have when attempting this fad.

Hair hook- To pull your hair through the link.

The feather extension- of which you pick the type and color of you choice, make sure you get real feathers! If you purchase the synthetic kind in hopes of treating it like hair (curling, washing, etc) it will be a disaster!

Hair clamp- This clamp is to reinforce the feather to the the link by placing it in place and pressing the metal together to ensure the hold.

Thats all you need to complete this look! A little patience and a daring/creative mind and you will have a blast and set trends!