Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Custom Unit Frenzy

We all know installs with virgin hair extensions (JNKTRESSES) have been popular for some time, and with good reason.  The hair is gorgeous, FLEXIBLE,  easier to maintain than natural hair, re-useable & affordable, and because the hair looks good for a long time, many  extension wearing clients tend to leave their installs in much longer than recommended.  I recommend wearing an install no longer than 2 months!  Why?  Because your extensions are an investment that needs to be maintained to insure longevity and your natural hair needs to be inspected, conditioned & trimmed to promote growth and hair/scalp health.  
Another reason women get extensions installed is to change their look without cutting or coloring their natural hair thus minimizing the risk of hair damage or having to live with a haircut that just happened to look better on the picture than it did on them.  Be it flexibility, convenience or protection, women are investing in themselves and their hair to the tune of $500 more, and with the proper service provider their hair will look great, and they will feel great!!! 

Let's say you want to try a new look with seasonal color or a different texture but you are not sure it is a good long term solution?  I suggest getting a custom unit made by your stylist!  It is a great way to try out a new look for the season, a special upcoming event, or to cure your spell with boredom. #IJS  The process is pretty simple.   You just purchase some great quality hair (it's going to last forever) and a closure.  Tell or show your stylist the look you want to achieve and get that  custom unit made!!!  -----BREATHE HAIR BREATHE ---- Your unit can be designed to clip on, or be sewn down around the perimeter once you braid down your own hair.  Either way a  custom unit  is a wonderful protective option and a great way get the maximum wear out of your hair.
Having serviced thousands of clients with hair extensions that have been colored and custom cut, I can testify that it is nearly impossible to remove  this type of sew in, treat the hair and re-install it the exact same way.   With a custom unit however, you have the flexibility to  remove/ uninstall whenever you please and when you choose to re-install the look will be consistent with what you were expecting. 

SSSSHHHHH.... It's your little secret!
Today's custom units are not your grandma's wig!   Sometimes people hear the word (UNIT) and  they think wig, and for some reason they believe the word wig has a negative connotation.  To them wig means "unrealistic"!   Well I am here to show the naysayers that Custom Units are the New WIG!  This post includes a few custom units I have created for my clients! DARE to be DIFFERENT and protect your hair quickly and with ease. 

Inquiries for units can be made at www.jasminenikol.com be sure to check out my IG Jasminenikol_