Monday, September 12, 2011

Completing the LOOK!...

I think it is extremely important to understand how to complete a look. Fashion,Beauty, and Style is something we all posses we just need to understand how to complete it! I view the beauty/fashion world as a broad field filled with opportunity to showcase personality, and self expression through art form.

I am not here to tell you all the Do's and Dont's... I will save that for another Blog. Instead I am going to give you my perspective on how to Complete your look... Every detail matters and should NOT go unnoticed.

I love to have a statement piece in my outfit.... whether its the shoes, an article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, etc. Something must standout and represent me, I call that the statement piece! I am also a fan of matching my nail color choice with my lipstick... I think it is so feminine and a subtle detail that when noticed speaks volumes.

Find a fragrance you like to wear and stick to it for a while I like to change up with season...Every woman should smell good and the fact that there are Thousands of different perfumes to chose from I am sure you can find one to represent you.

Being that I am a Stylist and a MUA (Make Up Artist) I pay close attention to this aspect. Less is best at times and make sure you understand you color wheel... What colors compliment each other and what colors clash. The primary colors are RED, YELLOW, BLUE. These colors are are complementary when paired with the secondary colors... For Example:




If you understand this concept it will help you when pairing colors for your hair, wardrobe, and make up!

I am going to start posting looks every now then that are completed!... Make sure you check out JasmineNikol's Fashion Editor!!!... Paradise Monroe!...

Here is my look for a night on the town, and your not quite sure where he is taking you or where you and your girls may end up. Simple yet chic, with the statement piece being the color blocked skirt. I topped it off with a fish tail braid ponytail. The lip and nail color choice happen to be my favorite... PINK... So girly and fun and fits well with this look. A platform heel by J.Campbell can never steer you wrong. Hope you guys enjoy, try to mock it if you like it and post pics! I would love to see your versions of this look!
Patchwork at its Finest

Otis Maclain rayon top
$128 -

€33 -

Jeffrey campbell boots
$198 -

Clutch hand bag
$1,975 -

American Apparel vintage look jewelry
$660 -

Kate Spade peach jewelry
$38 -

Dior Addict Lipstick
$28 -